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First of all sorry for the really crappy edit, I’m not very good with editing stuff any more but yeah the gif isn’t mine so credit to the owner. But anyway this Follow Forever is to celebrate that I reached my goal of 1.5k! That’s incredible to get in a matter of months and I’m so pleased I’m back in the fandoms from having to delete my old account. This is the first Follow Forever I’ve done in a while and I’ve tried to include a lots of people but if you’re not added it’s probably because I don’t know you well enough but there’s always next time, right?! The blogs in bold are the ones I stalk (sorrynotsorry) but I’m going to give some special shout outs to people who really deserve it.

Dareoskians - Wow, she is absolutely amazing. Even before we started talking I really loved her blog but recently she’s been a great help to me because I’ve been going through difficult stuff right now. She’s forever sending me really encouraging messages and I could never repay her for all the help she’s given me! I cannot describe how grateful I am that she’s bothered to send me kind messages and make me feel a lot better about myself, she’s one of the few people who have and would ever do that to me. She kind hearted, sweet, beautiful and just the best person and deserves the best in life.

Whoreskip - We’ve never really spoke much but god dammit I love your blog and idk just something about you is really funny and makes me laugh. I’ve always, always, always been a sort of fan of your blog and you’re always popping up on my dash and I’m like heya, but yeah I might sound like a stalker but I’m not I’m just interested in you. 

Irwinvisible - Ok, I remember the exact moment that I followed you and I remember clicking on your blog when I saw you reblog my post and I was like woaaah and I followed you. You’re basically 74% of the 5sos stuff on my dash so I am very grateful for your reblogging and you have one of the best blogs in existance, yeah?!?!?! ok bye. 

hell0-horan - I know you’ve been inactive for 5 days now and I don’t know where you’ve gone so you might not see this but it’s worth a go anyway. I still haven’t forgot that you babysitted my blog for a week when I was in America when I got no one else offered! You did an amazing job and I honestly couldn’t care that you were busy the last 3 days so you could be active;) You’re such a gorgeous and lovely person and so nice to talk to!!! I am unhealthily obsessed with your blog and I wish you will come back soon:( 

Numbers: 5-seconds-of-janoskian, 5secondsofdipshits, 5secondsoflahme, 5soscliffordfan, 5sosissaucy, 5soslutdrop, 5sospreferencess

a, b, c, d: a5htons, ahoyjaibrooks, ashtonirworms, ashtontacos, assattackluke, barbarapalvs, barkingforbrooks, beauandlukey, beaubitchbut-janoskians, clifforeoscuddling—clifford, cuteluke, dareoskiansdatesyammouni, dopelukey 

e, f, g, h: electrabeau, fallenforjake, fcxkjai, fivesecondsof-irwin, flawlessladss, frappeluke, fucklukes, fuckyealukebrooks, glenroylegends, hell0-horanhemmhoehemmhoes, hemmo1994

i, j, k, l: i-just-wanna-talk-to-him, irwinkingdom,irwinvisibleirwixs, jaiyum, jamoankians, jan0skians4lyfe, janobourne, janoskiansand5sos, janoskiansidek, janoskiantattoos, janoskimoansjanoskiweed, jonoskions, kissinglukebrooks, lahluke, luhuke, lukaitlyn, lukbrooks, lukeathemmings, lukebrookssavedme, lukecutie, lukeshipsterr, lukey

m, n, o, p: michaellstyles, niallerandlukey, nosahyounie, perfection-jai, perfectionluke, practicalum

q, r, s, t: sahyounieh, sahyourie, secondsofwinter, shylittleluke, sitd0wndirtypigskipsighskipwtf, slothsgonnabark, smilebcluke, suhyounee, talkdirtytoomeluke, twerkingonjesus

u, v, w, x, y zukeunff, umlashton,whoreskipyalla-brooks, youguysarejanoskians

And finally thanks to EVERY SINGLE ONE of my followers! Love you all x

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